Complete Fitness
with Natural Ingredients
from the Amazon Rain Forest

Fitflavours is a brand of Nutritional Supplements for Fitness containing active ingredients from the Amazon Rain Forest. More than this, it is a life style!

We know that “All is All” and the balance between healthy eating, physical exercise, rest and adequate supplementation is the secret to achieving a healthy life for body and mind, that is, Complete Fitness!

Nutritional Supplements
for Fitness

We develop our products with the most advanced technology in nutritional supplements for Fitness.

Carefully crafted with components of high biological value and selected natural ingredients from the Amazon Rain Forest, our formulations aim at high performance results combined with unique taste experiences. Fitflavours, where performance meets taste!

Tailored Drills & Nutritional Tips

Get to know the best combination of physical exercise & healthy diets suited to your specific needs and goals!

Our 7-day guideline explains in a didactic way the strategy behind each plan.
At Fitflavours we guide and care about you!

A club of benefits
for FitVIP members

We have designed a special program for our loyal customers.

VIP members are ellegible to discounts of up to 30% on any product of their choice.

Every month you receive your FitBox at home additionally accumulating Fitpoints that can be exchanged against exclusive Fitflavours products. And all of this without membership fees, minimum stay periods or cancellation fees. Total freedom, total comfort, total benefits! Be FitVIP!

Become our partner

At Fitflavours we believe in solid alliances for success! More than simple dealers, our business partners are ambassadors of our brand, representing our values being 100% aligned with our mission.

That’s why our network grows strongly every day. If you are interested in learning more about becoming a Fitflavours partner, send a message to:

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