Complete Fitness with Natural Ingredients
from the Amazon Rain Forest

Fitflavours is a brand of Nutritional Supplements for Fitness containing active ingredients from the Amazon Rain Forest. More than this, it is a life style!

We know that “All is All” and the balance between healthy eating, physical exercise, rest and adequate supplementation is the secret to achieving a healthy life for body and mind, that is, Complete Fitness.

Creation & Innovation

The creation and constant search for innovation are at the heart of our initiatives. It is under this prism that we develop our products and services establishing the difference for our consumers.

Complete Fitness

We advocate a healthy lifestyle for body and mind based on 4 pillars: healthy eating, physical exercise, rest and proper supplementation.

Fitflavours Team

Our team is formed by experienced food engineers, chemical engineer, nutritionists, flavourists, pharmacists and personal trainers who together create and develop high performance products that offer the best flavour experience.

The Amazon Rain Forest

Fitflavours incorporates in its products the natural wealth of Brazilian biodiversity: active ingredients from the Amazon Rainforest with benefits proven by tradition and science. Rich in functional substances, with high nutritional value and extremely tasty, Fitflavours helps reaching physical and mental balance.

Science & Nature

At Fitflavours, Science and Nature are essential and inseparable allies. Using advanced technology and scientific research we seek in biodiversity our inspiration to create high performance products with natural active ingredients.


Teobroma grandiflorum

An extremely tasty and nutritious fruit, it is rich in iron, phosphorus, proteins, vitamin C (essential for the immune system), B vitamins (anti-stress properties and muscle toning effect) and fibers.


Paullinia cupana

Fruit with stimulating properties, rich in functional substances like caffeine, theobromine and theophylline. It regulates blood glucose levels, increasing daily calorie consumption and decreasing appetite.

Brazilian Nut

Bertholletia excelsa

With high nutritional value, it is rich in Selenium (important for the proper functioning of the thyroid gland and cognitive system), Arginine, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Fibers, Proteins and Fatty Acids (which help control of cholesterol).


To maintain our consumers always well informed and provide a thorough understanding of the four pillars that sustain our brand, we constantly keep our blog up to date.

Our Mission

“Fitflavours’ mission is to create innovative products and services for the full health and wellbeing of the Body & Mind. We call this condition Complete Fitness. Science is our ally and Nature is our inspiration.”

Patrick Forgaci

Founder & CEO